Caring for seniors living with cancer

The role of a carer or caregiver in the lives of the sick or elderly is very important as they require their assistance and care. Family members or nursing home staff who care for the elderly with serious illnesses such as cancer, dementia, a heart condition or osteoarthritis, are responsible for the medical care and treatment of that person. 

Caring for someone living with cancer requires extra skill, knowledge and attention, so let’s discuss how and what is needed of a nurse/carer in the palliative care industry. 

  1. Being emotionally strong 

Caring for a loved who is suffering from cancer can be quite emotionally draining as it requires mental and physical skills. Carers are usually relatives, partners, friends or nursing home staff, therefore they will need the right support and assistance in order for them to function well. 

Research has found that health problems of older patients with cancer are linked to a poorer quality of life for their caregivers, which includes poorer emotional health. So, if you are a caring for someone with cancer, be sure to have the right support from others around you. 

2. Create a strategic daily schedule 

From providing aid to arranging meals, providing transportation and managing finances, caregivers of cancer patients are tasked with many duties. Hence it is important to create a daily plan for yourself as well as your loved one. With a structured plan, you will be able to plan out your duties and provide the appropriate care needed. 

3. Good communication

When taking care of an elderly person living with cancer, it is vital to have good communication skills. Conversing with empathy is a great skill to have when caring for a cancer patient. With the amount of therapy and medication that they are on, communicating the right way with them will make them feel confident and wanted.

So, if you are someone who is going to look after a senior with cancer, be sure to try and adopt the tips above. But if you are looking for a nursing home that specialises in palliative care, do contact us and we will be happy to discuss the different care plans. 

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