Caring for the elderly during COVID-19

Most of us are going through uncertain and unprecedented times due to COVID-19 and this can cause a great amount of fear to most people especially among the elderly. This is because the elderly are a group that is most vulnerable to this infectious disease. 

There are many reasons why seniors are more vulnerable to COVID-19 – they suffer from more chronic illnesses compared to younger adults, their immune system is not as strong and their recovery time is much slower. 

So, one may wonder, what are some of the best practices when caring for an elderly relative during this pandemic. 

  1. Run errands for them 

If your loved one is living all alone, do make sure that their necessities are taken care of. Whether you send their groceries to them via a delivery service or get them yourself, helping them with the errands benefit the elderly in many ways. Also, ensure that all their medical supplies are stocked up. 

2. Practice safety measures 

If you’re dropping off items at their nursing home and would like to pay them a quick visit, do practice social distancing and wear a mask at all times. Help them understand the need to practice good physical distancing as it will help them a great deal. Check your temperature first before you pay them a visit also, to erase any doubts.

3. Stay in touch

If you are unable to visit your elderly relative during this time, check up on them everyday to make sure they are doing alright. Whether its via a video call or just a normal call, let them know you are reachable at any time if they wish to speak to someone. 

You may think isolation will do them good, however it can be very damaging to their mental health. So, our advice is constant be in contact with them, whether it’s virtually or in-person. Support is always possible from afar.