Christmas activities for the aged

Christmas is a few days away, so if you’re scratching your head thinking of what to do with your elderly beloved during the holidays, we’ve got some pretty interesting ideas for you. 

Spending Christmas during a pandemic may not be something we are all familiar with. You are probably used to taking your elderly parents/relatives to visit family or on a quick gateway but since those options are probably not viable at this point in time. 

So, here are our top 5 picks for interactive Christmas activities with your senior loved ones. 

  1. Baking a Christmas treat

Baking or cooking is a very stimulating activity for the elderly as it boosts confidence. At nursing homes, often times the chef prepares the Christmas treats, while the residents are encouraged to decorate them. This teaches them creativity as well as gives them the freedom to play around with colours. 

2. Creating an ornament 

Creating a Christmas ornament is part of the arts and crafts which helps with mental health as it exercises their brain. Hand-eye coordination is also an aspect that will be improved. Get the whole family to join in on this activity and spread the Christmas joy. 

3. A Christmas movie marathon 

Nothing like a good old Christmas classic to remind your loved one of the his/her younger days. If this isn’t already a tradition with your family, you should make it one as it unites the different generations. 

4. Christmas themed games 

You will be able to find many online Christmas games for the entire family including your elderly one. So, whether it’s Christmas Bingo or charades, you will be able to keep him/her busy with these exciting games. 

5. Gift giving 

Christmas wouldn’t be the same if there were no gifts involved. This year, our nursing home will be organising a gift giving for our residents, as we can’t wait to put a smile on their faces. If you haven’t already, get your senior loved one involved in a Secret Santa to lighten up their spirits. 

Even though Christmas may not be the same this year, liven up your beloved’s spirits with these activities. If you’d like to pay our nursing home a visit on Christmas day to spread some cheer to our residents, do call us prior.