Managing diabetes

The management of diabetes among the elderly is often more complicated due to various reasons such as medical conditions and frailty. As the population of senior diabetics is also rapidly growing, so it is often a concern for many people on how does one manage diabetes effectively. 

Below are a few tips on how to manage diabetes among the elderly. 

  1. Seek the right care/treatment 

Older adults who are diabetic are often placed in nursing homes or care centres as their loved ones may find it difficult to care for them. This could be due to the fact that nursing homes have the right resources to monitor and control their diabetes. 

2. Eating right

To be able to control diabetes, our most important tip is to eat right. Avoiding unhealthy sugary and fatty food will be the best. Eat healthy carbohydrates which include whole grains and legumes. You may also want to include foods high in fibre and lean protein. 

3.  A healthy lifestyle

Consult your regular physician regarding an exercise plan for your elderly diabetic so that they will be able to lead a healthy lifestyle. Brisk walks and exercise is very important not just in the management of diabetes but it can also reverse the progress of the disease. 

Other aspects that you can look into when trying to help out a diabetic loved one is checking on their blood sugar levels on a daily basis, asking them to quit alcohol and emphasising a few set goals to achieve. 

Speak to our nursing home today to find out how we will be able to help you with the management of diabetes in a senior loved one.