Preventing falls among the elderly

As one ages, there are many physical and health changes that one will experience. An effect of this these changes is the loss of balance which eventually leads to falls. Falls can also be caused due to the lack of proper coordination. 

Falls can be quite harmful to the elderly as they can result in hip fractures, broken bones or head injuries. Even if they are minor falls, they can leave these elderly people traumatised and due to that they may shy away from physical activity. 

If you have a loved one residing in a nursing home, make sure that that nursing home has all the right assistive devices for the aged. 

But if you’re loved one stays at home with you, here are a few ways to prevent falls. 

  1. Remove any hazardous items 

You will need to make your home is elderly friendly so that accidents will less likely happen. Remove cords that are in the walking paths and be sure to use nonslip mats in the bathrooms. 

If at all there are spills around the house, immediately wipe them properly and make sure that area is completely dry. 

2. Proper lighting 

Keep the areas that your senior loved one occupies in your house well lit to avoid any possibility of them tripping over something that was not visible. It is important to place a night light in their bedroom and also a lamp within reach of their bed if they require anything in the middle of the night. 

3. Proper equipment

If they appear to be holding on to furniture or the walls, it is time for you to install assistive devices around the house like hand rails and grab bars in the bathroom. Speak to your regular doctor if you think your elderly beloved may need the assistance of a walker. 

4. Be active 

A key factor in preventing falls among the elderly is staying active so that their muscles and nervous system are healthy. Light dancing or walking can improve flexibility, coordination as well as muscle strength. 

Falls can put your loved one at risk of serious injury. Follow these simple steps and see how it will be able to make a change in the lives of your elderly relatives. 

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