Tips to help you sleep better

Ageing affects most of our bodily functions which includes getting the right amount of sleep. Sleep deprivation is very common among the aged due to various reasons such as psychiatric disorders, side effects of drugs, social changes, medical illnesses and many more other factors. 

Most older adults, aged 65 and above require at least 7 hours of sleep each night to function properly the next day.  So, we’ve got a few tips for you to get your well needed sleep at night.

  1. A proper sleep routine

Develop a proper sleep routine, which means going to bed the same time and getting up the same time everyday. This way, your body clock will understand that your system requires the same amount of sleep and at a certain time. 

Try maintaining a good sleep schedule even on the weekends so that your body isn’t confused. Also, another useful tip is try skipping your afternoon naps, as it may be one of the factors you are losing sleep at night. 

2. Improve your diet 

Irregular food intake can be a cause of sporadic sleep patterns, so we’re here to advise you on the right food and nutrients that will help you sleep better. Cherries are highly recommended to regulate sleep cycles while diminishing symptoms of insomnia. The other super food for a good night’s sleep is bananas. High in potassium, having a banana at night will help you have a deep sleep. 

There are many other foods that help with sleep, namely oats, grapes, nuts, poultry and eggs. So, try out a few of these foods and see which ones work best for you. 

3. A musical experience 

Our nursing home practices music therapy for those who are able to fall asleep better with instrumental and soothing sounds. Try it out if you’re a music fan.

Here’s a music piece that we recommend if you’d like to use this method.

4. Adjusting your environment 

A conducive and relaxing environment is necessary for a good night’s rest, so try and keep your room as dark as possible. Limit any light that may enter your room as it may disrupt your body’s natural sleep rhythm. Temperature as well as the right air quality are also two factors that are vital. 

Try out these tips and see if there are any changes in your sleeping pattern. If you’d like to find out how our nursing home can help you with your sleep, speak to us today and we will be able to assist you.