Useful daily activities for people with dementia

Alzheimer’s and other related dementia conditions seem to be on the rise these days and often we find ourselves finding ways to reduce the risk of developing it. However if you know of anyone affected by this condition, you must understand that they too desire human connection as well as long for a sense of fulfilment. 

There are many activities for seniors with dementia and these activities are beneficial for both their physical and cognitive health. Many nursing homes have incorporated stimulating activities into their daily routine which can help mentally as well as emotionally. 

So, if you’re caring for a an elderly person with dementia, we recommend trying out these activities with them. 

  1. Cooking and baking

This will be especially helpful if they enjoyed cooking during their younger days. This activity will also give them a sense of accomplishment when they see other people appreciating their cooked meals. 

2. Arts and craft

This is an excellent way of letting them express their true emotions and feelings. Creating collages with pictures, painting, drawing, working with slippery clay or knitting are great projects for seniors.

3. Music therapy 

Introducing instrumental music or sing-alongs is highly recommended for people with dementia as it encourages creative expression. Music also provides comfort to them and they are able to create an emotional response triggering certain happy memories 

4. Simple and fun games 

Similar to what many nursing homes do, encouraging your loved one to partake in fun board or card games can be very beneficial. These exhilarating activities will also allow the person to feel productive. Some of the games we recommend trying are jigsaw puzzles, dominos, Monopoly, snakes & ladders and Bingo. 

5. Reminisce the good old days 

Bringing back memories from their old days can help a great deal. Show them their childhood pictures, watch some of their favourite movies or even take them to certain places that have played a huge part in their lives. This type of therapy uses sensory or visual cues from the past to help them reconnect with positive memories.

Having dementia should not stop anyone from continuing life as normal, hence incorporating these activities into their daily routine will help them deal better with their condition. Develop a well planned activity structure and you will see a huge difference in their lives. 

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