The importance of recreational activities in nursing homes

Recreation is an important aspect of life when trying to maintain proper mental and health well-being. It is a vital component of life as it contributes to a better quality of life. Studies have shown that recreation can shape one’s social behaviour and more importantly it is a critical feature in the lives of the elderly.

So, today we’re here to discuss why it is important for nursing homes to carry out recreational activities and what it does for the care centre’s residents. 

  1. Maintaining self-care 

 Seniors who take part in activities in a nursing home setting are better at social interactions and this in turn brings about great satisfaction. Playing a round of chess with a fellow resident or partaking in group exercises will give them something to look forward to as well as increase brain activity. 

Such activities in groups also reduce loneliness among the elderly as some may feel abandoned or isolated. It is the duty of nursing homes to provide their residents with the right companionship while making their experience enriching.  

2. Boosting confidence

Allowing them to take part in recreational activities or even lend a helping hand around the nursing home like watering the plants, can help tremendously with their self-confidence. This is because, these chores makes them feel important and gives them a sense of satisfaction. 

3. Reducing behavioural problems

Activities such as painting, karaoke, mahjong and writing helps residents in nursing homes who live with dementia, as they are able to make use of their time wisely which in turn helps with their brain health. It helps them maintain a structured daily routine and reduce any behavioural and psychological problems. 

4. Improving cognitive function 

Regular activities within the nursing home not only allow the residents to improve physical strength but also helps with the stimulation of their brain and train up cognitive function. This then results in the reduced risk of dementia by increasing cognitive reserve. 

When looking for or checking out nursing homes, don’t forget to ask them what sort of recreational activities they have and how often they are conducted. Our nursing home in Ipoh let’s its residents enjoy puzzles, games, physical activity, walking and many more. 

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